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Available Cats

Our cats are current on shots, are FIV/FLV tested and are only made available
for adoption if that test is 
negative*. They are all spayed or neutered if of age.  If not of age, a
spay/neuter contract must be signed by adoptive parent to ensure the cats will be altered when they
are of age.  Our adoption fee for cats is $55.00.  We do offer a 10% discount for senior adopters (60 plus) 
and senior cats (as determined by our vets)
.  If you are interested in adopting a pet from us please check
our About Us page for information regarding our adoption process. 
Applications can be emailed to or faxed to 888-551-2353

Click here to download and print adoption questionnaire

    * There are times when we know enough about the history of the cats that we may only test one kitten in a litter rather than testing the entire litter.  This may happen when we have information on the parents or the litter was bottle raised away from their parents and other cats.    

Got your eye on a kitten below who hasn't been altered yet?
Ask us about our $25.00 spay/neuter rebate!!

This group of tabbys were all born about October, 2013. Aurora, Trixie and Chessie are all females....all have been spayed and are up to date on vaccinations. The girls are all very social, friendly kitties who love to play!

        Aurora                              Trixie                               Chessie     

Lilith is 2 years old (born April, 2012). She is black with a patch of white on her chest and white on her belly. She's a quiet, reserved girl. Lilith is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.


Parker & Greyling are both about 5 years old, neutered and front declawed. They are very social, friendly guys who are great together but would also do well on their own.

  Parker                     Greyling  
                                                   Adopted!               Adopted!

Lego (f) and Emmett (m) are brother & sister. They were born 11-24-13. Lego is more black than white with just a tiny stub for a tail. She's a playful little girl; up to date on vaccinations and has been spayed.
Emmett is more white than black and larger than his sister. He too loves to play with his toys; is up to date on vaccinations and has been neutered.

     Lego                                        Emmett 

is a beautiful long-haired tabby who was born about 8-2-13. He's a social guy who's up to date on vaccinations and has been neutered.


Yetti is a very social, playful, polydactyl (extra toes) kitty. She is just turning one year old (Feb., 2014) She gets along great with other cats, is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations. Yetti is considered a special needs kitty because she has food allergies and needs to only be fed a special dry food with limited ingredients.



Katie is 2 years old (born about Nov., 2011). She's had a rough start to her life. She originally was owned by a young man as a kitten but when she was about a year old, he passed away. She then went to live with his elderly parents.  This summer they both had to go in to a nursing home which left Katie living alone in a house with someone only coming in long enough to give her food and water. When Save A Stray took her in to foster care, she was leery of people. She has thrived with the one on one contact and is now becoming trusting to the point of seeking people out for attention and love. Katie is up to date on vaccinations and has been spayed.  


Gata is 2-3 year old spayed female.  She is up to date on all vaccinations. Gata is a roly-poly sweet girl who loves to be petted.
 She gets along well with other cats.


Please also consider visiting Berrien County Animal Control if you're looking to adopt a pet.  If you are not local, please visit a shelter in your area.


Visit other local pet rescue organization to see what wonderful pets they have available.               

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