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Available Cats

Our cats are current on shots, are FIV/FLV tested and are only made available
for adoption if that test is 
negative*. They are all spayed or neutered if of age.  If not of age, a
spay/neuter contract must be signed by adoptive parent to ensure the cats will be altered when they
are of age.  Our adoption fee for cats is $55.00.  We do offer a 10% discount for senior adopters (60 plus) 
and senior cats (as determined by our vets)
.  If you are interested in adopting a pet from us please check
our About Us page for information regarding our adoption process. 
Applications can be emailed to or faxed to 888-551-2353

Click here to download and print adoption questionnaire

    * There are times when we know enough about the history of the cats that we may only test one kitten in a litter rather than testing the entire litter.  This may happen when we have information on the parents or the litter was bottle raised away from their parents and other cats.    

Got your eye on a kitten below who hasn't been altered yet?
Ask us about our $25.00 spay/neuter rebate!!

Oliver is a super friendly one year old kitty.....tested, current on vaccinations, neutered and front declawed.  He'll follow "his person" around the house and he's a talker. Gets along great with other cats and dogs.

Milo is a friendly guy with the most beautiful marbled coat!  He's just a year old, current on vaccinations, neutered and front declawed.  He gets along well with other cats and dogs.

Willow is a 3 year old Siamese mix.  She's a super sweet girl who gets along well with other cats and dogs.  Willow is current on vaccinations, spayed and front declawed.

Oliver                                       Milo                                     Willow
 Adopted                          Adopted                             Adopted

Zoey is a beautiful marked tabby/tortie who is about 1 1/2 - 2 years old. She's a sweet, quiet girl who gets along with other cats. She came to us with 3 kittens of her own (which have all been adopted) and then took on 2 orphans (Sky & Cassie). Zoey is spayed & current on vaccinations.

Cassie is an adorable calico with vivid coloring.  Born about Sept. 8th; current on vaccinations.  She's a sweet, calm girl who's enjoys being held and petted. (but does enjoy playtime with her kitty friends)

Sky (brother to Cassie, born about Sept. 8th)  Sky is a normal, playful kitten who enjoys his toys and playing with other kitties. Current on vaccinations

     Zoey                                             Cassie                                  Sky

This litter of kittens was born about August 29th. We have 3 boys (Charlie, Sylvan & Ty) and 2 girls (Sox and Cora). Mama kitty tested negative for feline leukemia, FIV & heartworm. Kittens are all current on worming and vaccinations. These little ones are very social, good with children and playful!

   Ty                             Sylvan                            Charlie
               Adopted                 Adopted                  Adopted                


Sox                                      Cora
Adopted                        Adopted

Tulip and Casper were born the latter part of July. Tulip is an adorable buff colored little girl and her brother is Casper, orange marbled coat. They are social, playful kittens who get along well with other cats and also dogs. Current on vaccinations and will be spay/neutered soon.

                                                                 Tulip                            Casper
      Adopted                          Adopted

This litter of 6 (3 boys & 3 girls) were born about August 22nd. All social, playful kittens who have been wormed and are current on vaccinations. The boys are Scooter (long-haired orange; Harley & Logan (orange & white..look like twins).  The girls are Daisy (orange),  Penny (dilute calico) and Lacy (buff colored)

Scooter                                Penny                               Logan        
                                       Adopted                      Adopted                                Adopted

                                       Lacy                              Harley                                  Daisy
                                           Adopted                       Adopted                           Adopted

Henry is a laid-back, personable boy who is 1 1/2-2 years old. He's super friendly, good with kids and loves belly rubs. Henry is neutered & current on vaccinations.



Twiggy who is just about 10 months old came to Save A Stray as a mama but is now ready for a home of her own and some rest & relaxation! She's a long, lean girl with large, strikingly pretty eyes. She seems to get along well with other cats. Twiggy is spayed and current on vaccinations.


Meet Twiggy's babies!  Lenny, Luke & Lilly.  They were born the latter part of July. Current on vaccinations and worming....ready for homes of their own.

Luke                                Lilly                                 Lenny
Adopted                            Adopted                               Adopted

Hank came to us in August when he was about 5 months old. (born about March 15th). We could immediately see that he had some neurological issues.....couldn't focus his eyes; trouble walking and when he did, he only walked in a small circle to the right. The vet confirmed that most likely he had either been hit by a car or thrown from a car. He has made huge strides in foster care....he now walks a straight line, can see properly and plays with toys.  He's a super sweet boy who seems good with other cats. Neutered and current on vaccinations.


Donna is a beautiful long-haired tortoise shell who is about 6 months old. (born about 4-2-15). She is a little shy but she enjoys being petted. She is spayed and current on vaccinations.



Sis is a beautiful one year old,  long-haired, tortoise shell kitty. She recently weaned her kittens (Aslan and Samantha). Sis is now spayed, current on vaccinations and ready for a great home. She's very relaxed, friendly and gets along well with other cats.


This big, friendly guy is Randy. He showed up as a stray at a local fruit farm but the resident cats didn't want another friend!  Note the cute black mark under his nose! Randy tested negative for feline leukemia, FIV & heartworm; is current on vaccinations & will be neutered on October 14th. He seems to get along well with other cats.


Emoji is a 5 month old kitten (born about May 2nd).  He's a very friendly boy who gets along well with other cats. He's been tested; is current on vaccinations and will be neutered on October 14th.


Meet Precious! She just turned 6 and is a big ball of love. About 13 lbs. but she can run and play like she's a small girl. Feather toys are her favorite and she will carry them with her wherever she goes. Current on vaccinations, spayed AND front declawed!  Great addition to a home with no other pets.



Please also consider visiting Berrien County Animal Control if you're looking to adopt a pet.  If you are not local, please visit a shelter in your area.


Visit other local pet rescue organization to see what wonderful pets they have available.               

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems"

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